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Nutritional Therapy

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What Is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional Therapy is a science-based, therapeutic approach to supporting optimum wellbeing, by way of dietary and lifestyle interventions. Rather than just blocking or dulling the manifestation of localised symptoms, Nutritional Therapy takes a whole-body overview to seeking out the root cause of health concerns by focusing on the intricate biochemical reactions that exist uniquely within each of us. Factors such as diet, sleep, stress, exercise, environmental toxins (from cosmetics to pesticides) and genetics can all impact on these reactions. The aim is to reduce any negative impact and enhance the positive impact that each of these factors has on your wellbeing. Subtle though it may seem, the combined effect can be life changing. With such a variety of factors to consider, each client is assessed individually, recognising that their make-up is unique and that ‘one size’ does not fit all. Nutritional Therapy is suitable for everybody, from the young to the elderly and from the sick to those individuals simply looking to optimise their wellbeing. 

What is a registered Nutritional Therapist?

A registered Nutritional Therapist is professionally trained in the application of nutrition and lifestyle medicine to optimise the integrity of the body and mind. Registered Nutritional Therapists are qualified to offer supplementation and functional laboratory testing as part of your programme. Nutritional Therapy works well in conjunction with conventional medical approaches and your chosen therapist can work with your doctor to support any dietary and lifestyle considerations during your recovery from ill health.


Nutritional Therapy is not a substitute for medical treatment or advice.  If you do have any health concerns, please contact your GP/health care provider as soon as possible.


I came to Jamie with my 5 year old son who had constant problems with his ears and a lot of mucus build up, previously only resolved with antibiotics through my GP and grommets. Aside from this, socially the school had observed that he also had a tendency to play alone, not want to be part of a group and suffered from daily mood swings which were erratic.

Jamie thoroughly reviewed my sons symptoms, characteristics and diet, he then arranged extensive testing.  Firstly he found that my son was intolerant to certain foods. Dietary changes removed all intolerances  whilst adding probiotics. My son's energy levels increased immediately. Within the next year he no longer required antibiotics.

He also found out that my son was extremely deficient in certain vitamins and minerals so he then started with supplementation. The difference is incredible! Not only is my son happy (which is a joy to see) he seems to have come out of his bubble and is truly engaging with other children and making friends. I was even told he had been the best in his class last week.

It has been a journey, we have had to make lifestyle changes which we were ready for but i never imagined how life changing and empowering this experience has been for us and my son. Jamie has helped guide us so much as a family, I wouldn’t hesitate in visiting him again or recommending him.

Tanni, Mallorca

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