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Testing: Service


Testing can help us to identify specific issues from nutritional deficiencies to parasitic infection. There is an additional cost for testing but this can enable us to more swiftly and accurately identify, or rule out potential underlying causes. I am affiliated with various laboratories both in UK and abroad. Some of these tests include…

Blood Test

Functional Testing

Functional testing requires the provision of a sample for analysis. This is usually in the form of blood, saliva, urine, stool or hair. These tests can reveal imbalances within the body and provide clues as to how best to support any symptoms. Common tests include metabolite testing (Organic Acids), adrenal stress testing, food sensitivity testing, DUTCH complete hormones or a gastrointestinal assessment by way of the GI Map test or a Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis.


Genetic Testing

From our behavioural states to our physical traits, genes make us who we are. How is it that some of us can drive non-stop from London to Manchester but others need a break every 40 minutes or so? Why is it that some people bulk muscle after a few trips to the gym whereas others train regularly for months yet don't see those gains? Genetic testing can be useful in determining why we respond the way we do to environmental stimulus. When it comes to chronic illness, it is said that our genes are the gun and the environment is the trigger. Having an understanding of our individual genetic traits empowers us to make choices appropriate to maintaining good health. The effect of dietary, lifestyle and environmental modulation on our genes has developed into a new field of study known as 'Epigenetics'.

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